Multi-Language World (MLW) is a small woman owned that covers a wide range of professional language services globally to government and non-government clients. MLW is run by professionals with ten years of teaching, testing experience, administration, and a master of education background. Our instructors are language and culture experts who provide high-quality, in-depth training to our clients. As a result, our languages are both the most common and emerging.

Our company customizes student-centered learning with cross-cultural and communicative training that fits our clients' needs. We provide the most demanded world languages and train linguists and experts. Our services include online training, consulting, testing, interpreting, translating, cultural awareness, test, and curriculum development. In addition, our dedicated subject matter experts will walk you through your language of interest, and mentor and give you constructive feedback.

Our company is committed to providing linguistic support to government departments domestically or globally with oral and written communication, such as foreign language service to the Judiciary, State, and Defense Departments.